Our Report Card for This Year

The report for this fiscal year is outstanding. Thanks to the support and referrals we received, we procesOutstanding evaluationsed:

  • 212 canine applications,
  • 290 cat applications,
  • 344 spay surgeries,
  • 158 neuter surgeries,
  • 502 overall surgeries this fiscal year

Fast Facts

  1. There were 412 rabies vaccines given out of the 502.
  2. There were 392 animals living in an “at risk” situation meaning they could get another animal pregnant or become pregnant.
  3. There were 142 litters born from these animals.
  4. 396 of these clients were Code 1 meaning that have an annual income at 100% or below the federal poverty guidelines.

We are looking forward to continuing this mission. We just watch the kill rate drop each year in Burke County and knowing that we are in this together keeps us going.


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