PREP is short for Pet Responsibility Education Program.

This education program is presented as an integral part of the Burke County Schools’ Character Education Program which focuses on good judgment, integrity, kindness, perseverance, respect, and responsibility and is linked to NC state standards. The backbone of the program is a strong volunteer base that presents a six-session program to each fourth-grade class annually.

Click for Tri-fold PREP brochure.

Lynn Jackson of REASON is at the forefront of educating students in Burke County. She and other volunteers visit with fourth graders and teach responsible pet ownership.

PREP consists of basically six 45-minute lessons on how these children can be responsible pet owners. Some of the topics include:

  • how to stop overpopulation of pets in the county
  • how to take care of their pet
  • how to make sure their pet is healthy
  • how to be safe around roaming dogs and cats
  • how to provide for a pet during its entire life
  • how to advocate for animals and speak up for them

Click here for the transcript of Lynn’s Animal Radio® Interview, Teaching Kids About Spay & Neuter (Speuter), February 3, 2018.

The first PREP classes in Burke County were held at Chesterfield Elementary School. Click here for the News Herald article, published December 11, 2017, which describes the classes, Animal advocacy nonprofit starts program to educate students.

Special visitors at a PREP session at Mull Elementary School were K-9 Drift and his handler Deputy M. Ollis.

The News Herald published an article on April 2, 2018 about this special visit. Click here for the entire article,Training for Pets: REASON program partners with local police and K9.

One main part of the class is having the students write a “Speuter” story as part of a friendly competition. Speuter is a word made up of the two words, “spay” and “neuter”. The kids like this and have fun with it. They also like the word “multipli-‘cat’-tion” because female cats can multiply like crazy when they are not spayed.

Click below to read the winning entries:

Lynn hopes that PREP will expand to other schools in Burke County. She just needs more teachers to request sessions and more volunteers to help with the training! You can contact us by using the form below. You may also call REASON at 828-403-3675 and mention your interest in PREP.