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Do you have a pet? If you do, then you know that caring for a pet is a lot like caring for a toddler. You’re juggling meals, play time, potty time, naps, and routine doctor’s appointments.

The picture below shows a boy and his kitten, together for 21 years!

A boy and his cat, together for 21 years

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Pet Care Sheets

Caring for a pet is a big responsibility! Read and print these care sheets to see what you should do to keep your pet happy, healthy, and at home.

Caring for Your Dog or Puppy Fact Sheet

Caring for Your Cat or Kitten Fact Sheet

Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Dog

What is a Pet Advocate?

What is an advocate? Well, an advocate is a fancy word for someone who protects, cares for, and defends anyone who can’t speak for themselves. Another word for an advocate is a champion.

Can Kids Be Pet Advocates?

  • If you love and care for a pet, you are an advocate.
  • If you help homeless or lost pets, you are an advocate.
  • If you make sure that all pets are treated kindly, you are an advocate.

Kids Can Be Advocates Too Fact Sheet

Are You a Pet Advocate?

Use the comments section at the bottom of this page to tell us how you have been a pet advocate.

  • Do you own a pet? Describe your pet. What are some things you do for your pet?
  • Have you helped a homeless pet? Tell us how you helped.

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