Animal Ordinance for Review

Animal powerA committee of concerned animal welfare advocates in Burke County has created a proposed draft for a revised Burke County Animal Welfare Ordinance. The committee included representatives from A Better Life Animal Rescue, Partners for Cats, REASON, The Cats’ Cradle and other citizens concerned about the treatment of animals in the county and the high kill rates at the county shelter.

This draft represents careful research over many months as well as many hours of work to create a comprehensive document. The committee looked at NC state laws and animal ordinances from many counties and cities in NC and elsewhere in the country. It also considered information on shelters in other counties and reports of shelter initiatives aimed at reducing kill rates and promoting adoptions. Every effort was made to capture best practices from all resources. The committee believes that such practices can be implemented in Burke County to improve treatment of companion animals and reorient the county shelter from life-taking to life-saving.

We invite the public to review this committee’s draft and to provide comments or suggestions to ONE of the following e-mail addresses as indicated in the document.

The Board of Commissioners and Burke County Animal Control also has a draft ordinance posted with a survey for comments. We encourage you to review this document.

After you have read both drafts, please post comments to the online survey below.

This is NOT a competition between proposed ordinances. We all have the same interests – the welfare of companion animals.  At some point in the next few weeks, the commissioners will review the comments. They said they are going to have work groups to review their draft and the comments, and then make revisions. Our hope is that the final outcome will represent the best parts of all proposed ordinances.

We hope to work with county personnel and county commissioners to produce an ordinance which will best serve companion animals in Burke County without unduly burdening citizens with unnecessary requirements.

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